BFA News

May 10, 2018

BFA Coach Clinic in Nanjing, China Successfully Completed

Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) China has organized 2018 BFA Coach Clinic in Nanjing China for four days from May 5 – 8 aiming at upgrading the existing knowledge of the participants.

"For us it is quite a big honor that our two coaches who are Baseball players and also coach Schools, Colleges and Universities baseball Teams completed the course", said Syed Fakhar Shah, President, Pakistan Federation baseball here. He said that if any coach who has played baseball in the early age at international level is a best choice for attending such high profile courses to impart coaching as he knew the basics and finer points of the game.

Amataur Baseball  Federation Of INDIA (ABFI) sent two baseball coaches who are Baseball Players and also coach his state, Colleges and Universities baseball Teams. Mr. Pankaj Lochan Mohanti, President said that if any coach who played baseball in the early age at international level is a best choice for coaching baseball because he knew the basics of the game. Dr. Sudhir Mohendru, Secretary Generalof ABFI commented that this clinic will help our coaches to understand the game protocol and how to prepare official tournament reports under the WBSC system.

Baseball’s popularity is growing in China. The number of colleges and universities with baseball teams has doubled in China in the past six years. MLB games are available to almost one billion people on Chinese TV. In the past year alone, more than 40 new baseball facilities have been built in China.

So Major League Baseball announced a 10-year real-estate deal in December, 2017 partnering with Beijing Enterprises Real-Estate Group Limited, a state-owned company, to open 20 new baseball facilities. The MLB facilities will teach baseball skills to children in grades 7 through 12 and offer mainstream school curriculum. It’s not an entirely different idea than some of the baseball academies that have been opened in Latin America.  Right now, MLB has three development centers in China, including Nanjing.